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Eco Heroes Camp
Eco Heroes Camp


Camp registration has closed!
See you in June!

MYMCA Camp registration will close on 4th of March (1300hrs) or when slots are full.



Limited to 32 warriors!
Camper will receive a special bento box for lunch!
Enjoy 5% to 10% discount, read our "Additional Details" below for more information

(FAQ for the camp can be found below in the Additional Details

This March holiday we are going to learn how to protect our environment! We will learn how to conserve our limited resources and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

As the children are shown how to care for our environment they will learn to be more organized, more considerate, more compassionate, more responsible and be tidier. They will become an inspiration to others after becoming our MYMCA ECO HEROES!

This camp will be teaching the realities of our limited resources and daily life conservation habits and effort. We will also touch on the topic of a sustainable lifestyle, exploring the possibility of such a future. The activities are designed for kids to understand the benefit of being tidier, organized & responsible. The values of being considerate and compassionate will also be emphasised.

Because the future of Singapore and our world lies in the hands of our children, our objective is to plant environmental concern in them and perhaps interest them in the broad and important discipline of environmental sustainability.

MYMCA Learning & Adventure camp programmes focus on character and value development while having fun!

Our core value of Caring, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect shapes the design and guide the facilitation of our activities.
(The camp will be held at Metropolitan YMCA Singapore)

Camp Highlights:

  • Zero disposable waste Challenge
  • Bento Your Lunch Challenge (Day 1 & 2)
  • Sustainable Singapore Gallery Tour
  • DIY Kite, Make it Fly
  • How to buy your own lunch
  • Pulau Ubin Living Lab Tour
  • Chek Jawa Tour
  • Hydrodash Aqua Park @ Sentosa
  • Lunch at Sentosa (Day 3)

Refreshment, Fruits and Healthy Snacks will be provided. 
Remember to read our Additional Details below for details about the discounts.

Not a member? No worries!
You can signup for our Associate Youth Membership together with the camp registration form to enjoy the saving!

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For more information or clarification, you can email Daniel Ang at Daniel.Ang@mymca.org.sg
Registration will be closing on the 8th of March (1300hrs) or when slots are full.

Additional Details

Learning & Adventure Camps 2021 Promotion Terms & Conditions
All promotions are only applicable for online signup(s) of members or non-members.
The promotion below cannot be combined or transferred.
If a child is entitled to 2 or more promotions then the only the highest percentage promotion will apply. 
Please key in the discount code in the online form when signing up.

MYMCA reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.
The amended rules will be updated and published on the relevant page. 
MY First Club Discount (5% off) 
Only for MY World preschool graduates. 
Siblings Discount (10% off) 
Parents with 2 kids will have an incentive to signup for both their children! The two campers must be registered with the same email address, mailing address and discount code to be eligible for this discount. Staff will contact parents to confirm the information. 
Friends Group Discount (5% off)
Parents will have an incentive to signup for signup their kid with their neighbours, classmates or friends! The children must all be participating in the same camp for the discount to be valid.
Returning Camper Discount (5% off)
Eligible for campers who participated in our 2020 camps.

Important FAQs for Parents

Where is Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA)?

We are found at 60 Stevens Road and the nearest MRT Station is Stevens MRT (Blue line).

Do you guys provide transportation to/fro?

Sorry, we do not. You will have to make arrangement for drop off and pick up.

Can my child check-in and go home by himself/herself?

If both you and your child are confident, certainly. Please inform us via email before the camp programme if you had made such an arrangement. 
Your child will have to follow the SafeEntry procedure when entering and leaving our building, so make sure he either has a mobile device or his/her student EZ-Link Card. 

Is it going to be a Christian based activity?

No, our programmes are secular and the activities are rooted in common virtues.

Does my child need to know how to swim?

It is highly recommended but no.
The children will be wearing PFD and we will have the group facilitator together with the children.

How much is parking?

Our carpark has free parking.

Do I need to pack a snack for my child?

There is no need as we provide a large variety of snack to our campers.


How will our child be safe during COVID 19?

Here are a few measures that we need to enforce to keep our camp super safe:

  • All participant and their families will have to complete and submit a declaration form at least 1 week before the camp.
  • Extra cleaning of the facilities and surfaces before and after each day of the camp. 
  • Face mask must be on at all times during the camps (except for mealtime and strenuous activities). 
  • We will strictly enforce the groups of 8, the safe distancing and will not allow intermingling. 
  • The group will stay together throughout the duration of the camp, no one will be allowed to change their group. 
  • Our team-building activities & games have been modified to have no contact and still engagingly fun. 
  • Hand washing supervision and monitoring of good hygiene by facilitators. 
  • The facilitators will keep to only 1 sub-group throughout the duration of the camp.  

We also need parents' help to ensure that the daily dropoff and pickup safety measure are kept:

  • Parents will be allocated a timing for dropoff and pick up, in accordance with their child's grouping. 
  • Camp 1 and Camp 2 will have a separate dropoff and pick up location.  
  • The two timeband for the dropoff in the morning are; 
    • 0820hrs to 0840hrs for the first group. 
    • 0840hrs to 0900hrs for the second group. 
  • The two timeband for the pickup in the evening are;
    • 1630hrs to 1645hrs for the first group. 
    • 1645hrs to 1700hrs for the second group. 
  • If you missed your dropoff and pick up timing please contact the camp chief direct to make a separate arrangement. 
  • Avoid interaction with parents or campers from another grouping or camp.


I would like to pay by credit card/other payment option.

It is recommended to pay by PAYNOW.
You will have to visit our counter for payment via credit card, cash, NETS and cheque.


I have signed up for my children and they are siblings, why am I not offered the sibling discount in my invoice?

We are sorry but the omission of the discount code during registration is to Opt-Out of our promotion.
Please read and apply the code correctly. 


I have provided the correct discount code why am I not offered the discount in the invoice that you email?

Please contact 68398345 or email Daniel.Ang@mymca.org immediately.


Additional FAQ for activities:
Hydrodash Safety

Campers will be paired with a buddy and they will explore the activity in a group of 4. 
Each participant will have to wear a PFD(Personal Flotation Device).
A camp leader will be with this group at all times and non-swimmers will be tagged to take extra care of them.
The campers will be briefed on safety and to follow the camp leader instruction. 
It is highly recommended to be able to able to swim. 

Ubin Trip

Camper will be briefed before the bumboat ride.
Each boat or van will only take one group of 8 campers with two camp leaders.
Each participant will have to wear a PFD(Personal Flotation Device) on the bumboat. 
Boarding and alighting of the bumboat will be assisted by the camp leaders.
No walking in the grass in Ubin.


We do not serve Pork/Beef in all of our meals.
All campers will be encouraged to eat their vegetable in our camp.

All pool activities will be conducted with a lifesaving certificated first aider.
Our camps are led by a Camp Director and assisted by trained Adult Camp Leaders.
The ratio of Camp Leaders to Campers is 1:4. We will have a professional First Aider in the camp at all time.

MYMCA will be taking photos in our camps. These images will be used by MYMCA to share news about the camp and to publicise our future children events. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on MYMCA's website. They will be stored securely, and we will delete them after they are no longer needed for publicity purposes. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please speak to Daniel Ang (68398345). If you would like to see your images or would like us to delete them, please email Daniel.Ang@mymca.org.sg




ECO HEROES Camp 2021 is brought to you by MYMCA Learning & Adventure Programmes.


------- OPEN-------

March Holidays
15th - 17th
(Mon - Wed)

Age group:
7 - 12 years old

0830hrs - 1630hrs

32 Tickets only
Members: $400
Non-member: $450


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