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MY Superkids Camp 2019
MY Superkids Camp 2019


Calling all little boys & girls! Time to be Super! 

Online registration with payment is opened and will be closed on 12 Nov (11.30 pm) or when slots are full.

Our highly praised SUPERKIDS CAMP is back and better than ever! 4 days of awesome fun for kids!

(Limited to 30 campers)

We at MYMCA believe that every young child has their unique “Super”, which is their unique smarts & talents!

No matter what they are super in, be it Picture/Word/Logic/Body/Nature/Sound/People/Self Smarts, we believe that they should explore all their Multiple Intelligences and discover more about themselves!

It is now widely known that the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education is ineffective at best, and often detrimental to the learning process!
So we also believe that there is no one-size-fits-all in having fun and playing!

We will be creating a super adventure together, helping one another and making friends.

Our camp is packed with activities with wacky challenges that focuses on the three main sensory receivers: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic!
While having fun our activities will bring out the super in your kids!

Camp Highlights:

  • Multiple Intelligence Exploration 
  • Play @ NERF Action Xperience (World's First NERF theme park) 
  • Super Laughter & Scrapbook Workshop 
  • Super Team Water Games 
  • Super WeiQi Workshop 
  • Super Clay Workshop 
  • Super Ballet Workshop 
  • Super Hip Hop Workshop 
  • Super Hortpark Gardening Workshop 
  • Super LASER Tag 
  • Super Botanic Treasure Hunt 
  • Super Camp Song Sing-a-long 

Lunch, Fruits and Healthy Snacks will be provided.

Sign up ASAP to enjoy our Learning & Adventure Camps 2019 Promotion!
Read the Additional Details below for more information!

Have your little one join as a MYMCA Member to enjoy greater saving!

An email with details on the camp and directions will be sent around one week prior to the event.

Online registration with payment opens on 7 Oct, and closes on 12 Nov (11.30 pm) or when slots are full.

For enquiries, please contact Daniel Ang at 68398345 or daniel.ang@mymca.org.sg

Additional Details

Learning & Adventure Camps 2019 Promotion Terms & Conditions
All promotions are only for online signup(s).
Not eligible for 3Days camp fees. 
The promotion below cannot be combined or transferred.
If a child is entitled to 2 or more promotions then the only the highest promotion will apply.
Please key in the discount code in the online form when signing up. The omission of the required discount code is to opt-out of our promotion.
MYMCA reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. If MYMCA do this,
MYMCA will publish the amended rules on the relevant page. 
MY First Club Discount (5% off) 
Only for MY World preschool graduates. 
Siblings Discount (5% off) 
Parents with 2 kids will have an incentive to signup for both their children! The two campers must be registered with the same email address and mailing address to be eligible for this discount. No discount code needed!
Group Discount(10% off)
Parents with 3 or more kids will have an incentive to signup for all their children! All the campers must be registered with the same email address and mailing address to be eligible for this discount. No discount code needed!
Multi-Camp Discount (10% off)
If you are joining another camp you will receive this special discount! 
DISCOUNT CODE:   (name of the camp)
Returning Camper Discount (5% off)
Eligible for campers who participated in our 2018 and 2019 camps.

We do not serve Pork/Beef in all of our meals. All campers have to eat their vegetable in our camp.
All pool activities will be conducted with a lifesaving certificated first aider.
Our camps are led by Camp Director and assisted by Youth Volunteers who are trained to be Camp Leaders.
The ratio of Camp Leaders to Campers is 1:6. We will have a professional First Aider in the camp at all time.

MYMCA will be taking photos in our camps. These images will be used by MYMCA to share news about the camp and to publicise our future children events. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on MYMCA's website. They will be stored securely, and we will delete them after they are no longer needed for publicity purposes. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please speak to Daniel Ang (68398345). If you would like to see your images or would like us to delete them, please email Daniel.Ang@mymca.org.sg



MY Superkids Camp 2019 is brought to you by MYMCA Learning & Adventure Programmes.


Superkids Camp 2019

November Holidays
18th to 21st

Age group:
5 - 9 years old

0830hrs - 1630hrs

Members: $400
Non-member: $450

Members: $350
Non-member: $400
Please email the dates

See below at Additional Details

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