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Amplifying Aspirations of Our Youths for the Greater Good

Every youth has an aspiration. Our mission at MYMCA is to help our youths identify their aspirations, and eventually chart out meaningful directions that lead to confidence and character development. We encourage them to aspire for the greater good, and seek to connect them to the larger community so that their voices can be heard.

Our specially developed outreach programmes are built on a multiplier effect. While cultivating values like zeal, servant leadership, and resilience, our programmes seek to impact not just our community, but to encourage youths to positively influence each other.

Some of the communities we aim to impact include the elderly, low-income families, intellectually, mentally, and physically challenged children and underprivileged youths.

All forms of donations are appreciated to drive impact in the communities we reach out to.

For opportunities on philanthropy, community & corporate partnership, sponsorship and fundraising events, please reach us at [email protected].


Our outreach programme is an opportunity for you to begin making positive transformation to the community. Working closely with Social Service Offices, family service centres and community partners, our programmes are designed to engage, equip and empower youths as well as serve vulnerable communities in Singapore.

For details on our programmes, please click here.

Call us at +65 88375509 or email [email protected] to start making a difference! Alternatively, simply fill in this form to start your volunteering journey! Thank you for your continual support and contributions.

Figures updated as of March 2022.
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