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Got Money Give Money, Got Strength Give Strength

You can make a difference in the lives of low-income families around us. Join the ‘Kampung’ Spirit today by giving in any way you can!

The new normal has been a difficult season for everybody but it has also brought the nation closer as one people. Despite an amazing rally of donations and volunteerism as a nation, we’re starting to see signs of fatigue from the long drawn battle with the pandemic. And it is during these times that donations are even more critical for our beneficiaries to receive much-needed necessities.

So leading up to National Day, let us step forward with a renewed 'Kampung' spirit and adapt into a new standard of giving! In conjunction with the SG-Cares initiated campaign ‘Together, Singapore Cares’, we at MYMCA are championing the Singapore Spirit in doing good for the community through the "Got Money Give Money, Got Strength Give Strength" initiative.

In July 2021, MYMCA is advocating for an inclusive opportunity to give to those in need. Our programme M.Y Manna, borrows the strength of the community not just in funding and donations, but also via numerous volunteers who continue to deliver food packs to the beneficiaries.

We are targeting to raise $75,000 to feed 2,500 family members, which is worth 1 month of basic groceries and toiletries for a 2-member household.

How You Can Support:

"Got Money, Give Money"

  • Making a donation of $30 or more today to provide basic groceries and toiletries for low-income families.
  • Donate a dollar-for-dollar amount for a drink or meal you purchase
  • Donation-in-kind of M.Y Manna food items

Donation Methods

Through Got Money, Give Money. Got Strength, Give Strength.

  1. Follow Giving.sg donation instructions to complete donation

Tax exemption instructions included in the giving process


  1. Log in to your Internet Banking app
  2. Scan this QR Code via the ‘Scan & Pay’ Tab

OR use UEN: S63SS0006BCSY via the ‘PayNow’ Tab

  1. Input donation amount
  2. Include ‘GMGS’ under Remarks section

Fund Transfer

  1. Log in to your Banking App
  2. Go to ‘Transfer Funds/Money’ Tab
  3. Transfer funds to:
  1. Bank Name: DBS
  2. Bank Account Name: Metropolitan YMCA Singapore
  3. Bank Account Number: 072 0375351
  1. Include ‘GMGS’ under Remarks section

Cheque Donation

  1. Cheque to be issued to ‘Metropolitan YMCA Singapore’ and delivered to 60 Stevens Road Singapore 257854
  2. Include at the back of the cheque: Donation for ‘GMGS’
  3. Attn: Melissa Poh, Resource Development

For tax exemption, please provide your

  1. Full name as per NRIC
  2. Full NRIC

For tax exemption receipt, please provide your Email Address & Home Address


"Got Strength, Give Strength":

We can build this city stone by stone by:

  • Blessing someone in your community with a good deed and encourage them to pay-it-forward via a donation to M.Y Manna
  • Utilising a talent or skill that you have (e.g. baking, cooking, singing, handicrafts etc) to raise funds. You may even find a new calling!
  • Starting a 14-day challenge of your own choice with family or friends! If the challenge is accomplished, they will have to donate to M.Y Manna. Every cent helps to provide a consistent supply of groceries and toiletries for low-income families.
  • Raising awareness through social media platforms. Sharing is caring! We can never underestimate the reach of social media, and every share goes a long way.

Share your joy of giving with us via:

Email / Whatsapp

  1. Introduce yourself (e.g name, why #GMGS)
  2. Sending us at least 1 photo/video of your giving initiative
  3. Attach a short initiative caption and/or the amount raised
  4. Write away and send the above to [email protected] or 9820 1004
  5. For the amount raised, the funds can be transferred via PayNow or Giving.sg
    (for instructions, please refer to ‘Got Money Give Money’ section)

Social Media Platforms (FB / IG)

  1. Uploading at least 1 photo/video of your giving initiative (with safe distancing measures of course!)
  2. Attach a short initiative caption (e.g what’s the initiative about, rally for support for the campaign) and/or the amount raised
  3. Include the campaign hashtag #GMGS #mymca
  4. Tag us at @mymcasingapore

For the amount raised, the funds can be transferred via PayNow or Giving.sg from 4 July onwards (for instructions, please refer to ‘Got Money Give Money’ section)

Every dollar matters and goes to help the needy. And even while we are confronted by the harsh realities of COVID-19, let us ensure that those in need are not forgotten. Your support gives them hope that they can thrive through the storms of their daily lives.


Make A Difference Today.

Scan QR Code to donate / sign-Up / find out more!


About M.Y Manna

  • M.Y Manna has been faithfully serving the underprivileged community for 23 years.
  • Each family will receive between 50 and 100 monthly to purchase groceries and toiletries, depending on their household size.

Donate via Giving.sg

Click here to read more about our programmes and how you make a difference.

For further enquires and/or to connect with us, please contact:

Melissa Poh

+65 9820 1004

[email protected]