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Boost Confidence in Public Speaking Workshop

If your child is feeling the jellies speaking in front of a crowd, never fear for the BEST speech fundamentals are here! Let them learn how to engage their audiences through their five senses and develop their speech awareness with the BEST speech fundamentals! 


The B.E.S.T speech fundamental will be introduced to equip children with speech awareness :
1. B - Body Language to strengthen such as eye contact, facial expressions, posture and hand gestures
2. E - Emotions to gain the trust of the audience by revealing the right emotions
3. S - Sentence structure is a fundamental speech sentence to create a complete speech and presentation
4. T - Tonality for children to master techniques to warm the vocal cords and diaphragm

Children will be able to unleash their confidence, eliminate fear of public speaking and manage communication anxiety.


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Age Group: 7 - 12 Years Old

Date: Saturday, 25 June

Time: 2:00am - 3:30pm

Mimimum No. of Participants: 6

Venue: MYMCA Upper Room Level 5

Fees (Before GST): 

  • $60 (Member)
  • $70 (Non-Member)
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