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M.Y Big Sweep with NCC

M.Y Big Sweep:  Beneficiaries’ Outing with New Creation Church Volunteers

It was a happy occasion for some of our beneficiaries from the Eunos district. Our regular volunteers from New Creation Church (NCC) initiated an outing to Singapore S.E.A Aquarium for the elderly folks. A chartered coach with 18 volunteers picked up 6 beneficiaries from their homes to the aquarium, with two of our beneficiaries on wheelchairs. Both beneficiaries and volunteers enjoyed their time together viewing the marine life, as well as chatting over lunch.  

We are grateful for the faithful commitment of our volunteers from New Creation Church since March 2016. They have been visiting our Eunos beneficiaries over the span of the past 20 months and have forged a strong relationship with one another.



2-3 hours per slot

Metropolitan YMCA Outreach Centre; various homes

What you can do:

  • Clean as a group/family (providing a "home makeover" which includes cleaning, and at times, painting, replacing broken furniture and appliances, removing infested bedding, etc.)
  • Befriend our beneficiaries


Join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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