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M.Y Blessings with Keppel Land

We are thankful for the strong partnership we have with Keppel Land for M.Y Blessings since 2013. A total of 160 goodie bags ($50/bag) were distributed to bless our Manna beneficiaries.

Our passionate volunteers also went beyond financial donations. They participated in the actual distribution of goodie bags and M.Y Manna food rations. On the morning of 16 December, 27 staff dedicated their time to spread the Christmas cheer and love to our beneficiaries. They delivered goodie bags to 18 homes, served 37 beneficiaries for self-collection and packed 27 sets of food rations for the following month.

Our Keppel Land volunteers were happy to have this meaningful opportunity to serve the needy community. Some enjoyed interacting with the beneficiaries and others shared that they gained better understanding of community needs. It was a satisfying experience for both returning and new volunteers from our corporate sponsor.



2-3 hours per slot

Metropolitan YMCA Outreach Centre; various homes

What you can do:

  • Clean as a group/family (providing a "home makeover" which includes cleaning, and at times, painting, replacing broken furniture and appliances, removing infested bedding, etc.)
  • Befriend our beneficiaries

Join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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