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M.Y Mentoring

Equipping Youths to Explore and Develop Creatively

M.Y Mentoring programme is a school-based character development programme for youths in the lower-secondary schools. We work with these youths to increase their interest and engagement in their studies, as well as to improve their social-emotional skills. Community service responsibilities are also included to instill social responsibility and provide leadership opportunities.


Thursday Time: 3pm - 5pm

Guangyang Secondary School and Yuying Secondary School

What you can do:

  • Be a mentor Assist in programme coordination
  • Sponsor training so more mentors can be trained
  • Share your life stories as an invited speaker, on career choices, decision-making, perseverance, resilience, and how to achieve life goals.


Join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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All forms of donations are appreciated to drive impact in the communities we reach out to.


"MY Mentoring reaches out to adolescents to guide them in their development, especially those who may lack some sort of figure to look up to in their lives. Mentoring is ultimately about making an impression - leaving an indelible mark on students who are arguably in their most formative years."

Shaun Ng, National University of Singapore