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M.Y Mindspace - M.Y PATH

Empowering youths through transitions

M.Y Mindspace is a 3-month programme which aims to prepare youths to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world through a mentorship journey and accessibility to resources.

There are 2 key focuses:

  1. M.Y AIM - a mentorship programme where youths develop a career action plan and debunk any limiting beliefs.
  2. M.Y PATH - a programme to provide support and guidance in key areas relating to mental wellbeing and life transitions.

M.Y PATH (Pave a Trail to Hope) is a 3-month programme which aims to promote help-seeking behaviors in youths and destigmatize mental health in Singapore. The programme seeks to provide workshops and accessibility to subsidized resources like counseling and psychometric tools.

Our key target profiles are youths (15 to 25 years old) from low-income families*, who are keen to experience counseling.

*Refers to youths whose gross monthly income does not exceed $2,400 or gross per capita income not exceeding $800.

In these 3 months, you will experience:

  • Virtual workshops by Metropolitan YMCA Singapore to enhance personal growth
    • Introduction to Mental Health
    • Getting to know you
    • Managing our Emotions
  • Subsidised counselling services & psychometric tools


For July to September 2022:

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For more information, please reach out to Bernice Bernales at [email protected]