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M.Y Toy Library

Establishing Impact Through Community Partnerships

M.Y Toy Library programme uses play, music, and movement to engage special needs children. On our monthly visits to special needs schools/organisations across Singapore, we bring our mobile collection of toys to children, to stimulate their senses. A song and a skit are usually presented as well. To prepare for the skit, our volunteers come together weekly to sew props, costumes, and toys. Our mobile team then uses these props to present the skit.


3rd Thursday of every month

9am - 12pm

Special needs schools/organisations

What you can do:
Play music, Present a skit


Join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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All forms of donations are appreciated to drive impact in the communities we reach out to.


"I feel fulfilled to be able to do something for special needs children. Our coordinator Mrs Lim is very warm, friendly, and caring towards the volunteers. Volunteering is also an opportunity to make friends, both local and international."

Lily Ang