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Empowering Youths to Aspire for the Greater Good

Initiated in late 2012, M.Y YOUTHsync programme is part of the youth movement of Metropolitan YMCA Singapore. Serving as a platform for youth volunteers who share a passion and dedication to serve in the community, M.Y YOUTHsync taps into and unleashes the true inner ability, aptitude, and potential of all youths. With a family-like culture, this programme aims to unite youths from different backgrounds to contribute to society by actively participating in volunteering activities.

Driven and led by our M.Y youths, Camp Ignite, an orientation camp held in the first quarter of the year, and an annual Youth Empowerment Symposium (YES!) are organized to inspire and empower youths for social responsibility. In addition, M.Y youths in this programme are also involved in regular community outreach services, international conferences, and leadership trainings. M.Y youth volunteers can participate with us in four core areas: Community Involvement, Equipping, Internal Operations & Special Projects


1st Saturday of every month

10am - 1pm

Youth Leadership & Development Department, MYMCA, Stevens Road (Entrance 4, Level 3)

What you can do:

  • Share your life experiences
  • Teach skills workshops (i.e. effective communication, problem-solving, leadership, project planning, marketing, training and facilitation)
  • Raise funds or donate towards the development of our youth volunteers
  • Be present to support their events and programmes
  • "Like" the "YOUTHsync" Facebook page to receive regular updates or email us at [email protected]


Join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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All forms of donations are appreciated to drive impact in the communities we reach out to.


"Youths are the future. They need the opportunity to take charge. They need the experience of leading, of taking responsibility, of making mistakes as a youth leader, so that they will be adequately equipped to take on leadership positions in future with much higher stakes. My hope is simply to see more young people engaging and participating in community service by volunteering their time and energy."

Chua Yunze, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)